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There certainly shouldn’t be anything embarrassing about asking that kind of question of them. Our foreign counterparts design the above stack with most thickness around or over 20mm over the lower half of the stack. I have brough this issue to 3 or 4 of our senior US structural engineers and they have all be puzzled by this mostly by 2060 fact that they havnt noticed this stipulation in previous designs.

ASME STS-1 Steel-Stackspdf – Free Download PDF

My head is spinning. With a little more digging and work, you and I could teach a seminar or semester course in steel stack design. I’ll try to look a little deeper later, if I don’t see any more activity on your thread. In your xsme para. There will be no addenda issued to this edition.

Ill take a look at them tomorrow.

I am not tss with this standard but the way I read section 4. My company desings and has designed steel stacks by the above 4 cases for years. I feel like i have to be missing something here! Also, see attache Gaylord and Gaylord Steel Stacks. Am i mis-reading something here?


ASME STS-1 Steel-Stacks-2011.pdf

And, as I said earlier pointing the inequality symbol the other way, would do this for you. In this case, at mm D, a thickness of I still think this would be a real interesting question to ask ASME. Ihe Iow ambient temperature expected should 1.

I always thought, without either of us saying it, that you would be checking this as a slender canti. That is my interpretation as well, and this is what I have done in practice. It seems this was a not seeing the forest bc of the trees issue. They undoubtedly do pay some attention to pl. The stack in question is outside of our “normal design” in being so tall and slender, but i have a hard time just going with our forign design while not understanding this ASME stipulation.

Compression and Bending F. He’s probably the most knowledgable guy with regard to stack design. Are they trying to force you to use a steel with an Fy way higher than the design stresses dictated by buckling with their eq. I could take about months to get aame official response. I think you’re on the right track now. The change in economic conditions is making this type of request much more common.

Equation says i cant go above 16mm when using the design cases that result in a requirement of 22mm This is asem very slender stack and I can imagine that wind induced vibration vortex shedding may be controlling the design. Electric Power Research Institute. Insulation and linings affect total heat loss.


April 26, The next edition of this Standard is scheduled for publication in A thickness is selected to reduce the stack heat loss to the desired level or 200 a maximum stack exterior surface Aame loss c Exit loss loss calculations. They talk about out-of-roundness of 1 or 2t, and very small differences in edge or lateral loading as having large differences in buckling strength. And here is where the above mentioned Loads, height, wind, eq, ice, etc all come into play We have the cases automated with excel and STAAD and I can see that the thickness provided by my European colleagues of mm are required at the base for this stack to pass design.

I’d look at plate, plate arch, pipe, pipe aasme, shells and the like, for discussion on buckling stress limitations. I wasn’t saying you made a typo. What do you do when Eq is not satisfied If the answer to the above is yes, what design method is acceptable.

Thanks and BR -Hoots P. I’m not so sure that I would be so bold as to say you have a compact section.