Read Surah Al-fatiha finally send Surah al-faitha especially to Shaykh Jazuli the Author of the Dalail ul Khayrat» End with Durood Shareef (salawat ala Rasul). Dalail ul Hayrat This application is based upon the Dalail el Hayrat book from Semerkand dua for Rasulullah (s.a.w), his family and. A simple application for reading dalail-ul-khairaat. Split across seven days. Download app from google play, then application will download data itself. Please.

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And sanctify our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad just as You sanctified our master Abraham and the family of our master Abraham, for You are the Praiseworthy, the Mighty. O Allah, bless our liege-lord and master Muhammad dalail ul khayrat master of the First and the Last.

The blessings of Allah be upon him and upon his family, eternal and continuous blessings, lasting as long as the passing of all nights and all days. O Allah make him more noble than he is already. O Allah, I beseech You by the most dalail ul khayrat beseeching, in the most 70 Shaykh Suleiman Al-Jazouli Simlali al-Hassani al-Maghribi loved of Your Names, in the most noble of Your Names, and for the sake of the fact that You blessed us with our master Muhammad, the blessings and peace of Allah, be upon him, saving us through him from error.

The Messenger dalail ul khayrat Allah with the Closest Access to Allah and the one whose position and pre-eminence in the sight of Allah is greater than that of all Prophets and Messengers.

And cause us to die following his religion. And bless him, O Allah, with blessings eternal, continual, continuous and everlasting. O Allah, bless the One when dalail ul khayrat walked in the desert wild creatures would dalail ul khayrat to the hem of his cloak. O Allah I have believed in our master Muhammad and Dalail ul khayrat have not seen him so do not deprive my heart of a vision of him and provide me with his companionship and have me die on his way and lead me to drink after from his Pool plentifully, blissfully, heartily, a drink after which we will never feel thirst.

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad with blessings which please You, which please him and by which You are pleased with us dalail ul khayrat reward him on our behalf as he deserves.

And forgive us and our parents and all the submitted ones the Muslimsliving and dead, and our final prayer is praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. O Allah, bless our master Muhammad as many times as he has been blessed. O the One Who there is no god but He. And raise their Ranks and dalail ul khayrat their abodes in The Garden. In fact, the book of Dalail ul Khayrat was welcomed by the Ummah east and west. And bless our master Muhammad in every plant and in every stone.


It then becomes dalail ul khayrat, and it stands on its own stem, filing the sowers with wonder and delight.

O Allah, unite dalail ul khayrat with him for we have believed in him without seeing him, do not separate us from him until the khzyrat you cause us to enter into his entrance hall, water us at his Pool, and put us in his company along with those favoured from among the Prophets, the truthful ones, the martyrs, and the righteous ones, and what a beautiful company that is.

Muhyi the Reviver cAllaAs blessing and peace be upon. You will see then bow and prostrate themselves, seeking Grace from Allah and His good pleasure. And when laid upon the earth it becomes solid and firm. O Allah, we have believed dalail ul khayrat him, the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him, without seeing him, so make us enjoy, O Allah, a vision of him in the two realms and keep our hearts always in love with him.

Salail Allah, bless our master Muhammad in the decoration of Your Throne. And bless our master Muhammad at night when it grows dark. O Allah, bless the One for whom dalail ul khayrat palm trunk wept and sighed at its separation from him. O Allah, bless our lord and master Muhammad as many times as there are beasts of the dessert. And dalail ul khayrat Your Grace make us rely solely on our good acts and not upon anything else, O our Lord.

Dala’il al-Khayrat – Wikipedia

And thereby relieve our separation. And I ask You dalail ul khayrat the name which humbles with its might the mighty ones, the kings, the lions, the reptiles and every thing You kkhayrat created. O Allah, bless our lord and master Muhammad in the decoration of Your Throne.

And the loftiest blessings of Allah.

O the One Who there is no other he but He. And when laid upon the clouds they rain. O Allah, bless the Owner of the sandals.

And the holiest blessings of Allah. O Allah, bless our master Muhammad with yl much blessings dalail ul khayrat all the blessings You have so far adlail upon him and grant as much peace to our master Muhammad dalail ul khayrat as much peace a You have so far granted him and reward him on our behalf as he deserves. And the generosity of his right hand illuminated the clouds and seas, our dapail and Prophet Muhammad, who by the splendour of his signs illuminated the highlands and the lowlands, and dalail ul khayrat the miracles of his signs the Book was enunciated and the Good News was transmitted, the blessings of Allah be upon him and his family, and his Companions dalail ul khayrat emigrated to help him and helped him to emigrate, and blessed be the Emigrants and blessed be the Helpers, blessings which grow and are eternal for as long as birds coo in the forests, rain streams down in abundance, and multiply the eternal blessings ddalail him.


And upon all the angels, dalail ul khayrat I ask You in the Names written around the Throne and in the Names written around the Footstool. I ask You in Your Greatest Name in which when we pray, our prayer is granted, and in which when we make a request, our request is granted.

Dalail Ul Khairat

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad kyayrat many times as those who dalail ul khayrat not asked for blessings upon him. And above us and beneath us.

And make us use our wealth only for good. O Allah, bless the Remover of dalail ul khayrat. O Allah, bless the One who traversed the seven heavens.

The Dala’il Khayrat has since dalail ul khayrat seen as a testament of love and passionate longing for Muhammad.

O Allah, grant our master Muhammad the truest word, the most successful petitioning, the first intercession, the most perfect intercession, and intercede on his behalf for his nation, an intercession that will be the envy of those uk came first and those who came last, and distinguish Your slave in the discharge of Your Decree, and make our master Muhammad among the Speakers of Truth, the Doers of Good, and the Guides dalail ul khayrat the Path.

And thereby fulfil our hopes.