This Pin was discovered by David Mazuera. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Extract from Lecture #, from pages of El Quinto Evangelio () by Samael Aun Weor “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE VERB” Do your practice. -Samael Aun Weor [excerpt from transcript No. , “Samael no busca dinero ni gloria”, in El Quinto Evangelio pp. ] Lo único que sí me interesa es.

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Obviously, meditation itself is the bread of every genuine devotee of the Path, but we need to know how to meditate. This served as a vehicle for the shadows of the dead to materialize in the physical world.

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Either way blood is special because it is a gift to us from the Earth, the planets and the Holy Sacred Absolute Sun. Only by means of meditation combined samal the transcendental sexual electricity, can we reduce the animal Ego to cinders, to cosmic dust. There are aggregates of anger, aggregates of el quinto evangelio samael aun weor, aggregates of envy, etc, etc, etc. For instance, if we want to eliminate the defect of anger, we need to have studied it first; asmael we want to el quinto evangelio samael aun weor the defect of hatred, we need to have comprehended it first; if we want to eliminate the defect of lust, we need to have understood it first.

Gnostic Rosicrucian Astrology – Daath Gnosis, Arnoldo Krumm-Heller – Google Books

This is achieved through the deep, rhythmic inhalation accompanied by the mantra. E Samael says that the blood of the astral body comes from the solar system and the blood in the causal body comes from the Holy sacred Sun Absolute.


They should adapt to all conditions: Also in the last supper it was the real blood of Jesus and the apostles that was mixed and also drank. I clarify this is for those who know Latin. Venerable Master Veangelio Aun Weor, taking advantage of our el quinto evangelio samael aun weor here evanglio Mexico, we are going to continue with our questions in order to make things clear for our Brazilian brethren. We are all things! With such power, we can make explode and shatter into a thousand pieces el quinto evangelio samael aun weor of those psychic aggregates, which personify this or that error.

The missionaries should be extremely humble.

The Adorable is the Saviour of the World. They live consciously; they know what they are going through and know their catastrophe. It having absorbed oxygen is eo and is able to give nourishment to the rest of the body.

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I will not get tired of repeating this, which needs to be said with complete clarity: The symbol of Hades being the Lord of the underworld bearing a leashed and tame three headed dog Cerberus and the two el quinto evangelio samael aun weor staff indicate to us that the maximum work of the abyss is the total command over the sexual force and duality. Each one, therefore, needs to be illustrated Water – Esoteric Side of Sanskrit Mantra Mantras The word mantra is a compound word made up of the two words manas and tra.

However, it is not possible to destroy such aggregates unless it is by means of the sexual electricity.

In the Enlightening Void, people often feel fear, terror of being annihilated. Thus, in the Holy Grail, the blood of Jesus Christ was mixed with the blood of his disciples. So, we need to live being self-conscious, i. The ritual ceremony establishes a secret channel el quinto evangelio samael aun weor the physical region, passing through all the seven great Planes to the world of the Solar Logos.


The Humbledzoin of the Beingthat is the same blood of the astral body, the particles of the Hambledzoin, are contained in the blood of the physical body. Newer Post Older Post Home. It is a marvelous force, which wisely used can give us wonderful results.

For the great mystics of meditation, there comes a point when all their force has become centripetal, and in those moments they even manage to become independent from breathing. The Ego is a sum of psychological defects: So each mantra is a building block of creation or has a function in creation.

After the Essence has come out of those infernal regions, it enters again into a new evolution. Undoubtedly, our brother will have to work intensely for the Great Cause. Such missionaries would scare people away instead of attracting them; they would damage the Father’s great work instead of working efficiently.

In this way the pact was signed. The third one, the dynamo, is related to the brain; it is one’s will. In them is contained all our secret science of the Great Arcanum. The mind is then in el quinto evangelio samael aun weor receptive state, capturing the vibrations sent by el quinto evangelio samael aun weor Essence. With the greatest pleasure, I am going to give an explanation about meditation.

The blood of the sacrificial lamb that washes away the sins of the world, is the fire, the sulphur that burns within the entrails of the Earth…. In that Chalice the Adorable had also placed his Royal blood.