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La guerrecachéede la France Cameroun La guerrecachéede la France – Libération

Mass arrests of suspected SDF supporters occurred. What has happened to this country seems unimaginable, unbelievable and impossible. Parliaments and the defence of democracy. Paramilitary police forces occupied the political capital and set up roadblocks to keep the quarters separated.

The Lost Boys of Bird Island: Ndifor, ‘Our Collective Shame’, originally published at postnewsline. An Occupy Movement in Sweden: This explains the consternation of Cameroonian sociologist, Jean —Marc Ela: Fantastic goods from you, ;aul. The idea that propelled me into crafting this article is to let Cameroonians at home and in the Pqul know that there could be a better Cameroon; that there had been a better Cameroon, and that bribery and corruption, white collar thievery, brazen impunity and the rape of officialdom need not be the modus operandi in our beloved homeland.

Pwul heard stories of violence of protestors and the violence of police; I heard a story that a group of protestors had tied a police officer to a chair and dropped him from a bridge in retaliation to police brutality I have never been able to substantiate this story. In Cameroon, the notion of corruption itself has been corrupted.

It sort of feels too difficult and also vast for me personally. Welcome to our website!!! The misdeeds of our leaders have transformed our beloved fatherland into the laughing stock of Africa. In response to this political development, and accompanied by the simultaneous increase in the cost of oil and food, Cameroon broke into a series of violent protests.


Careful planning and the right decision is the key factor when choosing your kit. The Northwest Province was placed under a state of emergency as armed forces camdroun in to occupy towns. The Special Intervention Brigade BIR aggressed demonstrators with truncheons, high power water hoses water cannonsand mass arrests. They will mock you and try to inveigle you into the rotten game. Many Cameroonians reveal that voting for Biya is a means to maintain peace.

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A Douala, on rêve de démocratie | Slate Afrique

The vast majority of young adults in Cameroon are unaware of the fact that once upon a time a person went to prison for giving a bounced check. This act alone qualifies us to be in the hall of fame of corruption. Corruption has crippling effects on the national economy. The demonstration took place in Douala, where Cameroonian police and gendarmes employed teargas and water cannons to disperse the demonstrators, estimated to have been approximately 1, strong.

Interview with Bosse Kramsjo, a participant. Africa International History political resistance. Be it as it may, let it be known to these unfortunate souls that Cameroon has known its heydays.

Medical institutions the world over are teeming with gifted Cameroonian medics who cannot entertain the thought of returning home on account of the skeletal nature of our impoverished hospitals at home. While ua reviews explore generally benefits of diverse kinds of specialists on offer, commodity reviewing entails writing on the pros as well cons of selecting any particular design.

Q&A: Cameroon presidential elections

Ralph Polo Outlet http: This change did not come, however, as the government cracked down violently against protestors. Some are in Bangladesh, in Nepal. The independence movement quickly turned into guerrilla warfare as French troops occupied and raided the Western region of Cameroon.


We now live in modern times, so we easily and quickly get what we. A very short History of Recent Organised Resistances In2, troops were sent by camerou government to break-up a SDF-led peaceful march of 20, people in the Northwest Province, known as the Anglophone region that area of Cameroon formerly colonised by the British.

As a matter of fact, most Cameroonians are faced with two unpleasant choices: It’s time to revise how we talk about revisionist powers.

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People gather at the roadside off-licenses to pass the time and wait. What information do you look for in Pambazuka News?

Biya invites his most renowned political adversaries to dine with him at the presidential palace, he pays opposition parties to present candidates for presidential elections and he plays ministers against each other see Fanny Pigeaud In2, troops were sent by the government to break-up a SDF-led peaceful march of 20, people in the Northwest Province, known as the Anglophone region that area of Cameroon formerly colonised by the British.

Paramilitary troops used tear gas and live rounds on the protestors. And they will never know another leader because by the time Paul Biya has completed his godly task of messing up Cameroon and is ready to give up the ghost these poor souls would be in the Never Land.

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