The Pagan Christ has ratings and 51 reviews. jcg said: Interesting but unconvincing book. The book is mainly a rehash of the work of Alvin Boyd Kuhn.. . Harpur’s work doesn’t get down here to the States easily; in fact his book of interest here, The Pagan Christ [Thomas Allen, ]. Harpur’s book is merely a. In a work sure to rattle the pews of even the most liberal of churches, ex-Anglican priest Tom Harpur contends that Christianity is built on a history that didn’t.

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You excluded the Greek word meaning ‘spiritually’ from your paagn of Revelation He would also differ from many modern theologians such as Jesus Seminar members John Spong and Marcus Borg, who believe there was an actual Tbe of history.

I highly recommend it. Follow us on Twitter globeandmail Opens in a new window. The sun cult was monotheistic and was in harmony with a pagan movement of the day to worship the Summus Deus — the God who is supreme.

On Sargon see here ; Harpur wrongly identifies Sargon as a “Sumerian sun god”, One note of mention on the claim to parallel the beheaded John the Baptist with the “later beheaded” Anup: The land of Punt is stablished [to give] the perfumes which gom smellest with thy nostrils. Ein buch der Verehrung und Dankbarkeit in German. In our time of global culture, religious pluralism and the need for constructive inter-faith encounter, Harpur’s insights are appealing.

They stole the mythological stories then claimed the pagan followers were “heretics”. In early Octoberan agnostic friend brought to my attention an article by Tom Harpur. Letters to the Editor.

Anglican priest, author Tom Harpur argued that Jesus was an allegory

If this is not the case, let Harpur show otherwise. It was common for Christians at the time to put off baptism until their deathbed. It has also been published in five foreign languages: Eine Streitschrift gegen Professor D. Certainly, the many proofs of Jesus existence do not have the historic support many believers claim. I think it worth reporting much of what Gasque reports, in full:. Mithra was depicted slaying chriet bull while riding its back; the church did a lookalike scene with Samson killing a lion.

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The Pagan Christ

On this terrain, visionary allegory of the kind Harpur recommends may be the only virtue powerful enough to triumph over dogmatic literalism. This he says is a “questionable claim.

The collective human unconscious does influence the story of Jesus as found in the Gospels. Tap into the rich spiritual resources offered from the great cycles of classic metaphors and allegories. Second, if Harpur says we need to read these also to “get” his points, then it seems to me that Harpur himself must have represented their works inadequately, if he leaves them so vulnerable to criticism by scholars.

Holst is a parish educator at St. Appropriating the error of the Acephali, he condemned to exile the bishops who were defenders of the Synod of Chalcedon and also found fault with, and corrected, the gospels as if they had been composed by idiot evangelists.

We aim to create a safe and valuable space for discussion and debate. Harpur quotes Kuhn p. Wright, and even liberals such as John Dominic Crossan. Highly recommend it for anyone searching for meaning in the Bible or anyone interested in comparative religious studies. A reader gave us leave pun intended to use this parody of Harpur’s “phraseology and investigative methods? The name ‘Jesus’ is Greek, derived from a universally recognized Semitic name Jeshu’a borne by many people in the first century.

His strategy was as follows: The claim made apparently derives directly from Massey, who provided not a shred of documentation for this claim. Who was there to record this?

The Pagan Christ – Tom Harpur

Der Spiritismus und die anderen okkulten Systeme unserer Zeit. In closing, I would like to assure the reader that my purpose in writing harpud is not to diminish the prestige of hockey – I love hockey; in fact I used to play it.


Jul 15, Harpud Macmorrighan added it Shelves: Gasque says that “according to Harpur there is no evidence that Jesus of Nazareth ever lived. The same will be said for the claim of Pizarro making similar finds among the Mayans on p.

Harpur said chrixt was unsettled by his own changes in thinking, from the literal interpretation of the Bible he learned in Sunday School to his later beliefs. The bibliography contains many unreliable sources: Augustine did count Plotinus as an influence in his life, but the Trinity doctrine was formulated and secure well before this time. Also, when one considers the underlying influence of hockey in much of the violent behavior in our culture, we can see that it is only when everyone has the same understanding of pagwn as I do that it will be possible for us to have true harmony.

Nevertheless, two points in reply. Clarify the significance of ancient symbols; 4. Augustine and Sigmund Freud for supporting quotes. Andrzej Niemojewski and Deye were noted in harpug original Barnes list but omitted from the list in The Pagan Christ [22] [23] [24] note; Stendel may be a oagan error of Friedrich Steudel [25] [26] [27] and Deye of Albert Bayet [28] [29].

It is only when we interpret these things correctly, as symbol and mythical being pointing to a cosmic truth, the divine struggle in all of us, that they make any sense at all.

Really, all religions have the same basis that we all connected by a higher being of God.